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I’m a designer. I’m a seamstress. I’m a sartorial anthropologist…..and I’m a geek who loves to dress up.

I’m inspired by many things: Renaissance revival paintings, the first green of spring and the richness of autumn, the clean crisp lines of tailored Victorian clothing, the graceful sweep of Edwardian dresses, every beautiful and unique corset I see…

When I make my gowns, I make each one to challenge me more than the last in some way- in details or opulence or with a classic romantic  Victorian look.  I see each design as a work of art, requiring hundreds of dollars worth of fabric and supplies- often vintage and one of a kind- and sometimes more than 100 hours per gown.

But I can’t keep everything, and I’ve decided to make select gowns available at VictorianBallgowns.com (not just ballgowns).

If your interest is piqued and you’d like to see other work I’ve done, you can visit my portfolio website TwilightAttire  (no, it has nothing to do with, and in fact pre-dates,  the Twilight series.  *sigh*)

I also have a Facebook page, where I post semi-regular updates on things that don’t quite warrant a whole blog but are very interesting anyway! www.facebook.com/RepleatingHistory