Exciting News

Two weeks ago in Milwaukee at the Public Museum I was thrilled to be a part of a fashion show… one that was probably unlike any other you’ve seen!

Paleontology of a Woman“, hosted by Timothy Westbrook, was a dinosaur-inspired fashion show, and held in the rain forest section of the museum with an exclusive 200 seats available (plus some standing room only spots opened up due to demand).  You can check out Timothy’s sustainability-driven message and aesthetic at his link above, and get info on all the other collaborators on the POAW website while it’s up.

And among the 14 total looks shown, three of them were my Victorian inspired designs! An additional look was featured at the point of entry for guests, posed with a Velociraptor skeleton.

I was only one of many collaborators involved in the show, and I have to say I had a fantastic time seeing so many people come together for such a unique show.

I’ll post a couple photos below, but there’s no point in reinventing the wheel when there have been multiple articles, a very thorough blog, and even two videos posted on the show.

Thanks to Timothy for the opportunity, to the other collaborators for being wonderful, to my models for having the class to carry off these gowns, and to my assistant Lina Pashkova for being at the ready all night!


A back view of The Duchess gown


My award-winning burgundy and bronze gown. And a Velociraptor.


My lovely models, looking lovely in my gowns. Left to Right: Courtney, Anu, (me) and Marissa.

PS- Yes, my next blog post on the Teslacon Dress is coming, it’s mostly written & really just needs pictures!