I have exciting news- I was asked if I would be willing to loan one of my gowns to a Victorian Bridal Museum in California for the next year, for an exhibit! They’re featuring various period pieces alongside creations by master costumers in a “Then and Now” exhibition, and they contacted me when they saw my work online. I was very honored, of course, and from everything I’ve seen of the museum, it looks like a beautifully staged operation with well chosen pieces.

The museum is in Hemet, California, and is located in the town’s historic Opera House…. how very!

Even better, it is attached to a vintage consignment boutique called La Boutique, so your lusting for vintage fashion needn’t be left unsatisfied. 😉   (also, I’ve haunted enough antique stores, resale shops and thrift stores to recognize a very discerning eye in the pieces they accept for sale- check them out! www.victorianbridalmuseum.com

The owner, Eve Faulkner, also has a Facebook page which gets lots of updates with beautiful pictures of happy clients

Which gown is featured, you ask? Why, one that I wrote a post on… the burgundy and bronze!  If you’re around southern California, I think it would be a worthwhile cultural side trip plus shopping excursion all in one!  If you live far far away and have no hope of getting there in the next year, here are some pictures of the exhibit, courtesy of Ms. Faulkner!

museum pics (5) museum pics (4) museum pics (3) museum pics (2)