It’s September 2018, and I finished my graduate work. What does that mean? that I’m looking for a job? That I’m diving into an ocean of student loan repayment?

Well, yes. But more importantly (not really), it means that it’s time to create a Victorian-inspired costume for Teslacon… and it’s going to be a grand one! This year’s theme is The Battle of Britain, so I was tempted to go with a military touch in the design… and I DO like menswear-style details over flounces and frills.

There have been several (15?) yards of a beautiful deep green wool sitting in my sewing room for about a year and a half. It was less than $1/yard, scored from a resale store.

44518036_2022027871193013_6156657132860080128_n.jpgThat was a happy day, trust me. Why green? I don’t have a green dress yet, of course!

I believe I have developed a color scheme for the outfit, which will consist of a bodice, hat and skirt…. possibly overskirt/underskirt. The colors will be this deep green, grey/blue & grey, and a dark mottled orange.

The felt hat from Ebay will serve as a solid base for adding decoration.


I’ll assign an existing corset, bustle and petticoat to the outfit, so the shape of the undergarments won’t change… I like my tailoring to be precise enough that a different corset *would* impact the lines somewhat.

I think the corset and bustle set I’ll go with for this one will be the pink and purple dotted silk, and I’ll base the petticoat choice on the heel height of my shoes, which will be my new black Fluevogs! (perfectly comfortable for hours and hours of wear!) ❤


So, for the design I pulled inspiration from the beautiful black leather coat worn in “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” and an overall mild commitment to the “Battle of Britain” theme by way of a militaristic nod, and came up with a sketch. These are the initial ideas…


You can see from the fabric samples that the deep orange will be an accent seen mainly in handmade silk cord piping. The silver fabric has a stylized vine pattern embossed on it, and I think it will give some flair to the outfit while retaining a tailored feel.

In an antique store I found these great, oversized, grey-blue and silver buttons with a latin motto on them that I had to look up instantly… “There is no room in the world for more than one king”. Adjust that to queen, works for me! 😉


I am 110% sure that the plan for the skirt will change. But it will include a peek-a-boo of the silver cloth on the underskirt, some orange piping, and the four large buttons. I found a set of 7 smaller buttons with the same motto on Etsy and nabbed them for the bodice.

I’m setting the dress form measurements, getting undergarments on it and cutting out the underskirt tomorrow!