Big news this month!

I organized a photo shoot for my entire collection of Victorian and Edwardian gowns, and it was a great success.  The gowns were showcased perfectly by my stunning models and captured wonderfully by our talented photographer.

Photo shoot credits and thanks:

Photography: Shelly Wittstock Orlandini

Models: Rebecca Brummer, Heather Dawson, Lina Pashkova, Melissa Simonis

Token Victorian Gentleman: James Opalewski

A pretty epic image from the day of shooting:

Out for a stroll

Victorian Photo Shoot


To see details on these gowns, and the other half (there were 10 in all), you can go to my NEW SITE!

Yes, that’s the other half of the exciting news- I have a site up dedicated to my Victorian/Edwardian sartorial pursuits. For those of you who are stalking me, you already know that my Twilight site is more of a personal portfolio showcasing a variety of costumes, artwork and corsetry as well as linking articles I’ve been featured in and interviews I’ve done.

There are tons of pictures, so go check it out & share with anyone you think might enjoy some eye candy!

Now, for those of you who actually *are* keeping track, you’ll notice a new outfit- the striped dress with lavender there in the middle of the picture- that does not have a blog post yet.

That is my bad…. I wasn’t as vigilant about photographing during the process of making it, but I WILL post what I have, as well as the pattern I used and my inspiration.  Also details on making the hat, because that involved (omg) making silk roses in 3 sizes. So, that’s coming, but this is the big announcement for today, and takes precedence.

I hope you enjoy all the pictures!